Grief has a huge impact on every aspects of people lives, physically and mentally and in turn impacts their work.

Grief can cause brain fog, low energy, forgetfulness, lack of focus, difficulty concentrating or being able to complete a task, disengaged, anxiety, irritability and much more. Work and the sense of control work brings can be helpful to some people grieving, to others it brings more overwhelm and stress.

I support both employers and employees to navigate the difficult realities of grief.

Grief Support in the workplace

Are you aware of the effects of grief in the workplace?

Do you know how to support your employees with their grief?

Do you know how to support your employees when a member of staff dies or has experienced a bereavement?

Would you feel comfortable knowing how to communicate with someone who is grieving?

I can work with you as a company to support you and your employees in grief.

One off talks or regular grief support is available.

Contact me for more information.

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Talks with in Businesses

I regularly speak to businesses about grief and wellbeing.

I can do this online or in person (restrictions and social distance depending). I can cater for a 1 hr webinars through to a full day programme.

Some topics I have covered within businesses;

  • Understanding Grief
  • Myths around Grief
  • How to quieten your Inner Critic
  • Mindset and Self Worth

For more information please email


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