Read What My Clients Say About Me

It is important to me to support people in their grief and their life after loss. Coaching is about empowering people to be able to support their self. It helped me in my grief and I love hearing how it helps others in their grief and their life as a whole.

My clients tell me my work makes a difference in their life, but don’t take my word for it, instead, read what they have to say…

Emma, Kent
Thank you so much for our time together. It is so uplifting and thought provoking. I find it so helpful each week.
Lesley, kent
Thank you for creating a platform to talk, this is exactly what I need right now.
Claire, Norfolk
''I don't hurt all the time since working with you and getting through each day is no where near as hard as it was. I am actually looking forward with a feeling of hope''
Marc, kent
I have been so encouraged by our conversation. I can see things in a different light which I haven't before, because you spoke to me differently than others, who have just told me what I 'should' be doing in my grief. The way you have explained things has been helpful and enlightening, I see things clearly and I even feel motivated. Thank you so much Becca
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Liz, Kent
I felt safe and not judged. I could open up and be real about how I felt.
All about you - and breath
Anna P., London
''I came to Becca in a place of grief, pain, heart broken and lost and am now living with more energy, meaning and I actually feel happy again, something I didn't believe would happen for me after my loss. Thank you Becca''
Frances, London
Working with Becca can only be explained as if someone has removed a dirty pair of glasses from in front of my eyes. I can see my life in front of me again. I have worked with Becca for 5 months now and feel like I can not only see clearly but can also breath again. I have booked in for another month one to one coaching because her support is invaluable as I keep taking steps forward, back into my life, alongside my grief.
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Sue, London
''Thank you for helping me find purpose to my life again, I was so lost in my pain before I came to you.''
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Debbie - Wife and Mummy to 2 gorgeous boys, London
I love your Full Body Reboot programme. It kickstarted me into a better way of thinking at the start of the year and I love your beautiful, natural and supportive energy. I did my best and certainly my food choices have changed. Your prompts and ideas were great at either keeping me on track or pushing one of those buttons that allowed me to look at any unhelpful beliefs. I feel my tummy is less bloated, I have energy and I'm keen, motivated and in the zone to carry on. Thank you so much
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Demi - Mummy to 2 girlies, Kent
I am so thrilled after working with Becca. I have lost 3 stone and come off 3 of my 5 meds. I have more energy and I am in control of the 'chatter' in my head. I feel more confident and have found myself an amazing partner. I am so proud of how far I have come on this journey and for the first time in a long time I am excited about my life, now, and for the future.
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Sarah - wife and Mummy to teenagers, Kent
After working with Becca, one to one, I have started studying and working towards a new career path. I have a better relationship with myself, have lost weight and toned up. I now regularly exercise and feel happy in the direction my life is going. Thank you for helping me find a direction with my life
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Claire, London
Since working with Becca I have lost a stone in weight and feel comfortable in my body again and my new good eating habits have become part of how we eat now as a family. I don't fight with my anxiety on a daily basis and it doesn't take over my life. I didn't think I had it in me to change my lifestyle, but so many positive changes have happened and even my family have been positively effected. We have more quality time with each other and I have a new found enjoyment for my life again. My marriage is happier too and I didn't even realise there was anything to work on in that area! Thank you so much for all your support x