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How it works

  • Get in touch with me through my contact form, email or phone to schedule your free consultation
  • We will chat through your lifestyle as it is now, your wellness goals and desires for your future self
  • If you are truly ready for making changes, we can put a plan in place to start working on the you that you really want to be

From Surviving to thriving – 4 Week Program

2021 could be your year to Thrive!

Would you like to learn how to shift negative thoughts into positive ones, have more energy, connect with yourself again and what you really want? Want to get that positive feeling back and stop feeling like you are just surviving through each day?

Maybe you have lost focus on what brings you joy, happiness, passion and a sense of purpose.

We all find ourselves stuck and in survival mode from time to time. But you don’t have to stay there, with my support you have the power to make the choice to accept where you are and change it.


Duration 4 weeks
Cost £239

Life has been tough recently and lots of us will have been in survival mode just trying to get through each day. Often survival mode can be difficult to get out of. This is not our natural state and takes a lot of effort. If we stay in it for too long we can incur … Continued

Grief Recovery Method

The Grief Recovery Method is a proven evidenced-based educational programme of guided self-help for anyone who has experienced a loss and wants to feel better. The loss can be due to the death of someone important in their life, the end of a relationship and divorce, loss of a job, loss of health, loss of trust or one of over 40 significant life events that evoke grief.​

As an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, I run the 7-week programme online (until restrictions lift) on a 1-2-1 basis. Each week there is a session that lasts between 1 hr and 90 mins. The Grief Recovery Handbook is included in the price of the programme.

More detail about the course is below.

If you are interested in the course and would like to know more and if it is right for you, please email me at

Duration 7 weeks

Grief is emotional, not intellectual Grief is a natural emotion following a bereavement or any other significant emotional loss, BUT, most of what society teaches us about it and how to deal with it is intellectual. You can’t fix a feeling using a rational argument yet our friends, family and sadly too many professionals do … Continued

1-2-1 Coaching

If you want life to be different, better or more and are ready to take the next step on your healing journey through grief, then now is the time to work with me.

I offer 1-2-1 coaching on a short and long term basis.

These vary depending on what you require, 60 min phone call to 12 week programmes

I also support my clients in the transition after grief. Living with grief, adapting to your new life, finding a job, being social again, living healthily to support mindset and wellbeing and support with emotions after grief, anxiety, stress, overwhelm etc.

To find out more please email me at


Duration N/A

Your outside needs you too. Tropic Skincare is here to help…

It is really important to me that our whole self is looked after. Grief takes a lot of energy from us and if we are not supporting ourselves inside and out we can quickly be worn down, our immune system is affected and it can hold us back on our healing journey.

I can support you heal from the pain of grief and I can support you with your lifestyle, mindset and inner strength.

But what about your outside, your skin? In my hunt for the ultimate natural skincare product, I found Tropic Skincare.


Duration N/A

I like to keep my skincare products natural and was disappointed to find out even when products say they are natural, this doesn’t mean they are. Legally they can still have a percentage of chemicals in them and call themselves natural. Discovering Tropic’s skincare products are cruelty-free and completely natural was a game-changer for me. … Continued

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Are you trying to move through your grief journey and struggling to find the right support or figure out what is next?

Book a free 20min call with me and we can chat about where you are right now and where you would like to be.

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