Lets do this together

You are not alone. Together we can hold each other up and powerfully heal.

Working in a group can be supportive and inspiring.

I hold regular free events through a private page on Facebook, zoom and in person. You will be with like minded people who are looking to share and support each other in their grief journey and to help their healing.

I also run 3 group programmes throughout the year for people who want more support from me.

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Be Worthy & GROW Membership

A safe space where you will be supported holistically to grieve, heal your wounds both old and new, and learn the tools to create a life of meaning, purpose and joy after loss.

Membership opening in September

Grief is as unique as you are and so is this journey to healing.

Does life feel hard work? Do you feel your life is controlled by sadness, overwhelm, anxiety, fear, low self esteem, loss of identity and limiting beliefs.

Does the voice in your head keep telling you to keep going even when you are exhausted, resting doesn’t feel like an option, you feel so alone, there is no time for self care, anxiety keeps coming up and you are worrying about everything?

You are trying to be everything to everyone and it don’t feel like there is any other choice. You are chasing your tail and can’t see an end point?

‘Am I doing enough’, ‘I’m not good enough to have a better, easier, happier life’, ‘I have to keep going for my family and friends’, ‘there isn’t enough money’, ‘I feel alone’, ‘I wish I was supported more’, ‘why is this my life, will it ever feel easier’..? These thoughts and feelings are exhausting and draining your energy. But how can you make a change?

My GROW membership is here to help you work through these thoughts and feelings so you can release emotions that are blocking you from moving forward and having a happier more fulfilled life alongside your grief. You will have unlimited access to holistic tools for grief support, emotional wellbeing and life coaching, that will support to take you from pain to purpose and GROW.

What will you get from the membership:

💫 Live zoom call fortnightly to chat about grief, healing and emotional wellbeing

💫 Live zoom call fortnightly where we will do a group emotional energy release

💫 Access to pre recorded videos on Breathwork, movement exercises and meditation to calm your nervous system and take back control of your body.

💫 Weekly journaling prompts to support you release emotions and connect with yourself

💫 Mindfulness and compassion support so you can connect with yourself and your life and learn how to befriend the uncomfortable emotions and eliminate negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

💫 Life Coaching support each month on a different topic so you can keep moving forward and create a life you feel aligned with.

💫 A private Facebook group for members only for extra group support with people who ‘get it’ and who you can lean on.

I will run my detox programme in the group before Christmas and help you to keep the pounds off over the holidays. This isn’t just about weight loss but so you can connect to your body, help build a healthy way of living to support your gut health, mental health and immune system which is vital to manage difficult emotions.

This membership is for you if:

💫 If you are grieving any loss.

💫 You want a whole body approach to healing and growing

💫 You want to delve deep into what’s not right in your life, not just go surface level

💫 You want to support yourself in a way that feels right for you.

💫 You want to support yourself through uncomfortable and difficult emotions that you can’t shift.

💫 You recognise that self care and emotional healing are a way to support yourself to feel free in your own life again.

💫 You want your life to be different, better or more.

💫 You want to show up fully for yourself and those in your life

💫 You want to feel connected and in alignment to your life, and have meaning and purpose alongside your grief

💫 You want community support with others who ‘get it’.

💫 You want a safe space to talk openly about your grief and healing journey without judgement.

Duration N/A
Cost £34 a month

Emotional Energy Coaching group programme

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed by emotions and unsure of yourself in your life?

Pain, grief and trauma are stored in the body. We have to feel our way through it and out of it.

Emotional Energy release is a way to do this in a safe way without having to relive the pain.

It is a way to find the root cause of the problem from the subconscious without having to know what it is consciously.

It is a way to release the feelings simply and gently using breathwork, tapping and the meridian points in the body without having to talk through what happened.

It is a way to get to the deep rooted problem and not just the surface level of the issue and release it fully from the body.

It is way to clear and start a fresh with new beliefs that don’t hold you back.

My 4 week group programme let you release the emotions stuck in your body and make space to move forward in an aligned way to your needs and wants, with clarity and self confidence.

Included in this group programme:

💫 An initial call with me to see where you are in your life right now and start working towards where you want to be.

💫 2x 1-1 sessions where we delve into emotional energy releasing specifically for you.

💫 A group private Facebook page for extra support, ask question and learn from others.

Next group starts in September 2023
💫 Direct access to me through voxer messaging throughout the 4 weeks to delve into anything that comes up.

Duration 4 weeks
Cost £360

Grief Cafe online

If you have experienced the death of a loved one, you are welcome to join the grief Cafe and share an hour with people who ‘get it’.

We meet twice a month online. There is no obligation to share, it is about creating a safe space for those who want to open up and be with other grievers. 

The groups are kept to small numbers and is free.
We are here to lift each other up and be emotionally honest.
Message me for the dates and zoom link to join.


Duration N/A

In the membership you will have access to documents and videos about: Mindset, Anxiety, Balanced, healthy recipes, Meditations, Mindfulness exercises Breathing techniques for balancing your nervous system Journalling, Building a positive mindset Insights into my programmes and discounts Personal growth reading lists Regular group coaching calls and much more… please email me to join the membership becca@beworthy.co.uk