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Working in a group can be inspiring, supportive and motivating. I hold regular free events through a private page on Facebook. You will be with like minded people who want to enhance their wellbeing and build the tools to long term health.

I also hold events that are for the making bigger changes. Full body reboots, detoxes and self understanding days. These will be advertised on the website as well as my Facebook page. For full access to the free group events you will need to be part of the private Facebook group to get involved. Subscribe on the website or message me to join in and start making positive changes

Helping Children with Loss Programme

The Helping Children with Loss programme is a 4 week course for adults to learn how to help the children in your care cope with loss and bereavement. The programme is led by myself in an online setting.
I can discuss options for doing the programme on a 1-2-1 basis or face to face in a socially distanced set up locally in Kent, UK
The programme covers the myths of grief, techniques for speaking with children and teenagers about sad feelings, and action steps for dealing with personal losses. 
Schools can inquire about a Helping Children with Loss course on site or online for a group of staff; parents can book a course for themselves and connect with others who are looking to improve the way they support their children with loss.
More about the programme below…
Duration 4 weeks Next course runs on 10th March 2021

Help the children in your care cope with loss and bereavement On average, most children will encounter 15 significant losses before they reach adulthood. The most common losses for children and teenagers include: Loss of a grandparent, Loss of a pet, Moving, Divorce, Changing schools, Bullying, Having a close friend move away, Being rejected from … Continued

The Grief Recovery Method Group Programme

The Grief Recovery Method is an educational programme of guided self-help for anyone who has experienced a loss due to the death of someone important in their life, the end of a relationship, loss of a job, loss of health or one of over 40 significant life events that evoke grief.​

If you are interested in the course please email me at


More details about the course are below.

Duration 8 weeks

As an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, I run the 8-week programme online, until restrictions lift. Each week there is a session that lasts between 2 hrs. The Grief Recovery Handbook is included in the price of the programme. Woking through the programme in a group setting with other people experiencing their own losses can be particularly helpful … Continued