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Welcome, I'm Becca!

I am a certified Grief Recover Specialist, certified Life Coach and Founder of Becca Worthington Health & Wellbeing.

I work with people who have experienced loss and suffer with grief and want life to be different, better and more.

Bereavement, pet loss, divorce, relationship breakdown, job loss, house move… there are over 40 different types of loss that cause grief.

My approach is different to talking therapies. I offer a Grief Recovery Method Programme which educates you so you have the tools, for life, to deal with past and future losses. This can be followed up by a Life Coaching Programme I also offer which supports you in going forward and what is next for you… health, career, relationship with yourself and others and all other aspects of your life.

Live a life were loss is part of your story, not the whole of your story.

Be Worthy – Create the life you desire.

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