Emotional Energy Coaching group programme

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed by emotions and unsure of yourself in your life?

Pain, grief and trauma are stored in the body. We have to feel our way through it and out of it.

Emotional Energy release is a way to do this in a safe way without having to relive the pain.

It is a way to find the root cause of the problem from the subconscious without having to know what it is consciously.

It is a way to release the feelings simply and gently using breathwork, tapping and the meridian points in the body without having to talk through what happened.

It is a way to get to the deep rooted problem and not just the surface level of the issue and release it fully from the body.

It is way to clear and start a fresh with new beliefs that don’t hold you back.

My 4 week group programme let you release the emotions stuck in your body and make space to move forward in an aligned way to your needs and wants, with clarity and self confidence.

Included in this group programme:

💫 An initial call with me to see where you are in your life right now and start working towards where you want to be.

💫 2x 1-1 sessions where we delve into emotional energy releasing specifically for you.

💫 A group private Facebook page for extra support, ask question and learn from others.

Next group starts in September 2023
💫 Direct access to me through voxer messaging throughout the 4 weeks to delve into anything that comes up.

Duration 4 weeks
Cost £360