Grief Support

Do you need an ear to listen to or some advice around grief, life or emotional wellbeing, but are not in one of my programmes?Are you looking to move forward in your life after grief, trauma or from feeling not yourself?

Do you want to stop being held back by past trauma, limiting beliefs, anxiety and lack of confidence that means you can’t be yourself, you aren’t succeeding where you want to be and you are ready to make changes and live a life you enjoy?

Work with me on a 1-1 basis and together we can work through the pain of your grief, support you to release any stuck emotion (grief, anxiety, fear, lack of confidence and much more), we can work on getting to the root cause of a problem and releasing it from a cellular level in the body. Working one to one with me offers a confidential space for you to work through the pain of your grief, emotional wellbeing and where you are stuck in your life and things aren’t right.

Even if you aren’t sure what the problem is we can work through that and release emotions from old wounds and you don’t have to talk through the problem to work through it.

I work mainly online but can also arrange face to face sessions and walking sessions.

We explore ways you can support yourself day to day in your grief as well as areas of your life you may be struggling with in and work through how you can shift these struggles.

As a coach I support and guide you to empower yourself to healing and growing in your grief and emotional journey.

This way you have the tools for life, you will build your confidence in yourself, and grow your world around your grief

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