Mindful Grief Membership

For anyone who has experienced change, loss and grief.

Grief comes from change and loss, so whether you have lossed a loved one, a pet, been through or going through a divorce, redundancy, house move, loss of trust, mobility or health changes, you are welcome to join my private Facebook Mindful Grief Membership.

Why we have suffered grief is not the focus of the membership, lessening the pain of grief and living fully is.

We all experience big and small changes daily. Change causes loss that brings the feelings of grief. We are taught how to get things but we aren’t taught how to deal with lossing things or the loss of a person. If we ignore the emotions they will cumulate negatively and come to the surface years down the line through emotions like anger, frustration, illness and isolation.

I have created this group to support your mental and emotional resilience after loss. To build your self love, nourishment of your body; mentally, physically, spiritually and to offer you affordable coaching support. It is a safe space for you to share anything about your grief and loss experiences and support others on a similar path.
We are here to lift each other up and be emotionally honest.


Duration N/A
Cost £17.97

In the membership you will have access to documents and videos about:

Mindset, Anxiety,

Balanced, healthy recipes,

Meditations, Mindfulness exercises

Breathing techniques for balancing your nervous system

Journalling, Building a positive mindset

Insights into my programmes and discounts

Personal growth reading lists

Regular group coaching calls and much more…

please email me to join the membership becca@beworthy.co.uk