Grief Cafe online

If you have experienced the death of a loved one, you are welcome to join the grief Cafe and share an hour with people who ‘get it’.

We meet twice a month online. There is no obligation to share, it is about creating a safe space for those who want to open up and be with other grievers. 

The groups are kept to small numbers and is free.
We are here to lift each other up and be emotionally honest.
Message me for the dates and zoom link to join.


Duration N/A

In the membership you will have access to documents and videos about:

Mindset, Anxiety,

Balanced, healthy recipes,

Meditations, Mindfulness exercises

Breathing techniques for balancing your nervous system

Journalling, Building a positive mindset

Insights into my programmes and discounts

Personal growth reading lists

Regular group coaching calls and much more…

please email me to join the membership