What the F*** is a Health Coach?

What does a health Coach do?

A health Coach guides and supports a person to make positive and lasting changes to their health and individual needs. The client is guided through the process of knowing and visualising what they would like for their health and well-being and what has been holding them back from getting it. The coach then helps the client develope a healthy mindset and healthy habits, supporting them and holding them accountable every step of the way until they accomplish their goals. The client will become an expert in their own health, with a toolkit of skills to manage all aspects of their health and lifestyle, rather than being a patient. Health Coaching is a long term solution and not a quick fix.

Having the information and following through with the actions needed to make the information work for you, are two very different things. I hear, a lot, (and have said myself on several occasions), ‘but I know what I should be doing’. This doesn’t mean the person who said this is doing anything with that knowledge. The accountability and support a heath coach provides can bridge this gap and make the knowledge become life long habits that stick and mean a happier, healthier lifestyle can be created.

Even health coaches have health coaches for the accountability and support to keep up their own good habits.

What does a Health Coach NOT do!

One of the hardest things about being a Health Coach is that I can only share my advice, a meal plan or a lifestyle recommendation. Then encourage you, support you and motivate you,
BUT…… I cannot do it for you!
I can’t make you put the effort in, prepare healthy meals, choose the healthy version, go to bed earlier and exercise. I can’t make you drink more water or practise being less stressed, focus on your breathing, start a hobby you love or believe in yourself.
All I can do is give you the tools, remind you of the benefits, help you focus on your goals and what you want in your life. Remind you of your motivation for these things, give you some science knowledge behind the techniques and tools I give you and help you visualise what the outcome will be if you do what I recommend.
You are the only person who can make the changes for YOU!!!

So, what is stopping you from being the best possible version of yourself? 💝